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Today: Jul 21, 2019

Met die subtitel Vision and Strategy for life-changing ministry gebruik Shawn die verhale van 15 klein gemeentes wat ‘n unieke bediening ontwikkel het:

"Each of the churches represented in these chapters has a story to tell.  You'll discover how each congregation recognized the need to develop its unique ministry, and you'll discover the conditions, observations, and biblical insights that led to the recognition of the need." (p 23).

Hier is 'n lys van die hoofstukke in die boek:

  • Chapter 1: The Kidderman Principle (Shawn McMullen)
  • Chapter 2: Passion, Prayer, and Planning Cultivating a Climate for Growth (David Bycroft, Tyro, Kansas)
  • Chapter 3: Outreach Loving your community (Curtis Shelburne, Muleshoe, Texas)
  • Chapter 4: Evangelism Finding a niche for spreading the Gospel (Milton Jones, Shoreline, Washington)
  • Chapter 5: Missions Motivating Members for Global Evangelism (Derrick Ritchie, Tower Hill, Illinois)
  • Chapter 6: Worship Permeating the life of the Church (Dan Hargrave, Malden, Missiouri)
  • Chapter 7: Family MinistryHelping parents disciple their children (David Langford, Lubbock, Texas)
  • Chapter 8: Children’s MinistryBuilding a Firm Foundation (Ken and Shelley Greene, Rochester, Minnesota)
  • Chapter 9: Youth MinistryDiscipling the Next Generation (Danny Harrod, Drain, Oregon)
  • Chapter 10: Multicultural Ministry The Gospel for Everyone (Marco Diaz, Chattanooga, Tennessee)
  • Chapter 11: Working with VolunteersEnlisting, Equipping, Encouraging (Jerry Stephenson, Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Chapter 12: Helping the Hurting Meeting Needs through Recovery Ministry (Kerry Decker, Riverside, California)
  • Chapter 13: Getting AlongFostering Unity and Harmony in the Local Church (Gary Pearson, Westminster, Maryland)
  • Chapter 14: Staying PutThe benefits of long-term leadership (Tom Claibourne, Winchester, Ohio)
  • Chapter 15: Unleashing your potensial (Shawn McMullen)