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Today: Jul 17, 2019

Carl Dudley se boek Making the Small Church Effective (1978) word steeds hoog aangeslaan, veral in die revised edition Effective Small Churches in the 21st Century (2002).

Veral sy waarneming van 'n skuif by kleiner gemeentes weg van institusionele lojaliteit aan groter groepe en organisasies, is die moeite werd om in ag te neem in besinning oor klein gemeentes.  Vergelyk hierdie volgende aanhaling:

"Dudley revisits the small church, posing new questions reflective of the considerable changes that have swept over small churches in the last two decades. Among the most significant recent developments are shifts in institutional loyalty and individual's sense of identity in relation to larger groups and organizations. Dudley explores the key components that contribute to a small congregation's sense of unity and that motivate its members to more faithfully live out their faith."