Dr Ruth Powell (director of NCLS-research) visited South Africa from 7 to 19 May 2014. She made several presentations on the National Church Life Survey (NCLS) in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Stellenbosch. The material she presented is available on this website.

Presentations (download below)

  • Introducing NCLS Resources (full  overview)
  • About NCLS framework for church vitality
  • About NCLS research agendas
  • About the NCLS Church Life Pack
  • 2011 NCLS Attender Survey (AP)
  • 2011 NCLS Operations Survey (Protestant)
  • 2011 NCLS Attender Survey Collection Envelope
  • 2011 NCLS Instructions
  • 2011 NCLS Checklist Coversheet
  • NCLS Church Life Profile – report prepared for each congregation based on their own survey results
  • NCLS Profile Workbook
  • NCLS Cover letter
  • NCLS Church Consultants Directory – contains contact details for consultants
  • NCLS resources for planning – www.ncls.org.au/planning

NCLS books and ebooks -  www.ncls.org.au

NCLS Occasional Papers -  www.ncls.org.au